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Newsmakers: Best Overall Beauty Must-Haves

October 19, 2006

Last month I went on a crazy beauty-product-buying frenzy, and I strickly tried only award-winning or recommended products. Below is my review of the best products I tried.

1. Lancome Fatale Exceptional Volume Sculpting 3-D Comb-Mascara

Lucky Magazine – September 2006

Harper’s Bazaar – June 2006

Overall this is a great mascara, the brush (which is what makes it so unique) is completely different than any mascara I’ve used before, so it took some getting used to. A side to side sweeping motion worked the best. A heavy and thick mascara, so I only use it when I am going out somewhere and I’m getting all dressed up. I paid $22.00.

2. Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner

Allure Magazine: October 2006 Best Lip Balm Winner

This lip balm is soft and smooth, zero stickiness, and feels good on. A bit pricey compared, to say, common chapsticks and lip balms (I paid $20 for a 0.52oz tube), but I will buy again.

3. Dr. Perricone’ s Concentrated Restoration Cream

Oprah Winfrey Show 2006

After watching Dr Perricone appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, I bought his book called The Wrinkle Cure. I have been following his advice on diet, vitamins, and skin care ever since. My skin looks nearly flawless, and I started noticing an impressive improvement in my skin appearance after about 5 days. Dr. Perricone is “The Doctor To The Stars”, the man celebrities turn to before important and big events, like the red carpet. The cream was $95.00

4. Jemma Kidd Makeup School Essential Tweezers

Neiman Marcus Pick

Awesome $25 investment! Best tweezers I have ever used. The angle is a perfect slant to get the tiniest of hairs. In my opinion, a must.
Cute pink case too.

5. Get Gorgeous Now eBook

Beauty Secrets From Seven Hollywood Top Beauty Professionals

I am a firm believer that knowledge is the key to everything you want to know in life. I came across this ebook, and I can tell you It is worth every penny. Straight from the elite professionals in the entertainment industry, it is filled with amazing beauty secrets and techniques that are so simple and necessary, I am so grateful I found this book. I am so passionate about it, I have listed it on the top of my webpage, you can get more information by visiting my site below.

Usana Health Sciences Review – Why Join Dr. Myron Wentz?

This article provides a review of USANA Health Sciences, which is a network marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah. USANA manufactures various products for weight control, personal care, and nutritional supplementation at its home office in Salt Lake City, Utah. USANA has distributors in fourteen markets: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, and the United States. Many people are considering to join USANA about the earth and many thousands have already joined either with a home business,as distributors or as customers.

The company’s four product brands are: USANA Nutritionals, USANA Foods, Sense Beautiful Science, and Rev3 Energy Drink. The name USANA is coined from Greek and Latin words meaning “true health.”

Dr. Myron Wentz, who founded USANA, received a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in the field of microbiology with specialization in immunology. He is renowned in the scientific community, having received the Albert Einstein award in 2007, for his contribution to life sciences.

Preceding USANA, Dr. Wentz founded Gull Laoratories in 1974. Gull Laboratories is the world leader in diagnostic test kits. Gull has over 35 patents today and many of its kits are used in hospitals and clinics around the world. The best known kit, which put USANA on the map, is for the Epstein-Barr virus, or mononucleus. Gull Labs today creates billions of human cells and sustains them with nutritional formulations developed by Dr. Wentz.

Dr. Wentz’s intention statement is: “I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. The USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth…” Having lost his father to a heart attack at age 17 and his mother to breast cancer while at Gull Labs, he wanted to be able to make a difference in preventing disease vs. merely diagnostics. When his own health started to decline, his search for a nutritional product for himself resulted in the conclusion that a scientifically-based, effective formulation wasn’t offered on the market. In fact, he understood that if existing product formulations were used with cell cultures in his lab, the cells would go dead within a week.

USANA employs over 900 people worldwide, including about 630 people at the corporate offices in Utah. The sales for the year 2008 were around $429 million.

The USANA Nutritionals were named the editor’s choice when compared to 1500 other products in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements and have achieved best of state awards in Utah for several years in both the nutritional (Best Dietary Supplement 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003) and personal care categories (Best Personal Care Products in 2008, 2007).

USANA is the official health supplement supplier of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, US Speedskating Team, Speed Skating Canada, Biathlon Canada, Cross Country Canada, USA Luge, and USA Bobsled Team Radcliff.

USANA’s stock symbol on the NASDAQ is USNA. The company was in the top 20 Forbes’ 200 Best Small Companies list for 2006, 2005, 2004 and in the Business Week 100 Hot Growth Companies list in 2004 and 2003.

USANA and Dr. Wentz chose a direct sale, or network marketing approach from the company’s inception. This method was chosen in order to offer a better price to consumers and included a lofty goal of “legitimizing” the MLM business. At the latest 2009 International Convention in Salt Lake City, CNN Host Larry King made a surprise appearance. He interviewed MLM industry expert Tim Sales about the network marketing industry’s legitimacy, effectiveness for people starting a home business, and correlation to various other current events including the Bernie Madoff scam. Larry King was himself a victim of this con and appeared “legitimately” amazed to ascertain that MLM is, in fact, a very legitimate business model.

The USANA products have unquestionably been valuable to thousands of clients. My own personal physical condition has benefited greatly in several areas, including less lower back pain and an improved immune system (virtually no flu or colds since starting to use the products in 2002).

The corporation has acknowledged over 150 million-dollar earners presently. The associate payout is approximately 53% of net earnings, which is the highest of any public network marketing company. The company has earned the Distributor’s Choice award from each year consecutively for the last 10 years.

Network marketing is a viable business model and USANA Health Sciences would be an excellent company to consider for anyone starting a home business venture. Initial cost is low, at present $29.95 for a distributor kit, and additional tools are readily available for worldwide marketing this business. The worst possible outcome would be for an individual to be unsuccessful at customer acquisition and sales, yet to still gain an improved health picture in the process.

Women’s Health Magazine

Many people read magazines these days and deciding which ones to choose can be a challenge, one popular magazine for women is women’s Health. This magazine is popular amongst all age groups and offers something for every reader. Women’s Health is affordable, informative and is a household name.

Women’s Health was founded in 1981 and has changed hand a couple of times over the years; it has however kept the same image. Women’s Health has an estimated circulation of over six million readers, and this is growing daily. The magazine has great reviews and can save you money by not having to buy all the latest products, you can read about them and find out exactly what you want to know. It focuses on several topics including diet, fashion tips and recipes; the magazine also focuses on health issues that are relevant to women. Since 1999 the magazine has hosted its own annual beauty awards and has become the place to read what beauty products deserve your hard earned money.

The magazine is now available online so you can read up on all your favorite bits without worrying you will miss something. The magazine is so informative and women are learning more and more regarding their health and fitness, this enables them to make choices them self. They also are thinking about their readers when they are being written, they are not paid to endorse one particular product. This enables them to be totally independent and advise the readers about all products fairly and independently. The recipe ideas are simple and cost effective meals that all mums and wives would be able to try.

Although the magazine should not substitute going to see a doctor, the health section is very informative. You can often read about many different ailments in women’s health and they will be able to answer general enquiries and questions you may have. It also deals with problems that you may have never even heard about, and they are very interesting to read. The magazine is an ideal place for new mothers to look for advice on bringing up children. This task can be daunting and women’s health can guide you and advise you regarding every element of their upbringing. They will write articles on all of those questions that you may have been too scared to ask, and will enable you to deal with your children’s problems in your own way.

Whatever reason you decide to purchase Women’s Health you will continue to do so and the best way to ensure you never miss a copy is to subscribe to it. This will guarantee your copy is waiting for you every time, and then you can sit down and take time to read your favorite magazine. You will pass the information on to your friends and family and they too will soon be enjoying reading this great magazine in no time at all. With all of the vast choice of magazines today you know that you want to

Not All Beauty Salons Are the Same

The skin is the body’s largest organ and how we look after it will influence our health and well-being. Your beauty salon should be the place where you obtain professional skin analysis, effective treatments (that give you visible results) and luxurious pampering.

“7 Tips” on Choosing Your Beauty Salon:

TIP 1:
One easy way is to ask your friends or people in the neighbourhood. Referrals are a good way to help you choose your beauty salon. Ask the women in your area, as they will generally be willing to discuss the salon’s quality of the service offered and the basic drawbacks of the beauty salon you are considering.

TIP 2:
Beauty salons need to offer you beauty and skin care treatments plus additional services such as advanced manicure, mineral makeup, massages and a variety of facials that can be tailored to your skin condition. Your salon should be able to offer detailed skin analysis, intensive sauna and spa treatment and a range of specialized services including: advanced healing, electrolysis, mineral makeup and massage sessions.

TIP 3:
Qualifications of the therapists and the reputation of the salon are very important. Good salons display their credentials for all to see. Make sure the beauty salon you choose is staffed by qualified beauty therapists and experts in the field. An incorrect treatment, for your skin type and condition, will at best not give you the outcome you want and at worst can damage your skin.

TIP 4:
The beauty salon’s characteristics and features (Hygiene, ambiance, and decor) play an important part when it comes to choosing your salon. Basically it is the feel good factor because after all, if you are not comfortable and relaxed you will probably not enjoy the beauty treatment and you will not get the maximum benefit either!

TIP 5:
It is recommended, before starting a beauty treatment at a new salon, you take a look at the salon equipment being used. The quality of the beauty salon equipment is important for the salon to function successfully. Beauty Salon equipment would include the facial steamers, facial and massage beds, sauna and spa, reception furniture and other things that add to the ambiance of the salon.

TIP 6:
Value for money (not necessarily the cheapest) is one of the important factors when choosing a beauty salon. Most salons have a rate card that will give you a basic idea. Absolute price is definitely not the answer.

Professional qualifications & salon standards are your best guide to achieve value for money. Look to see what awards the salon has won and what the participation criteria were. Remember tip no 3 if your skin condition is not properly diagnosed or your skin treatment effectively administered it can cost you a lot more to fix than the savings you initially made.

TIP 7:
The Skin care Products offered for sale will vary from the traditional chemical based ingredients to the newer, more skin compatible all natural ingredients. Beauty products form the base of any treatment so ask what is being used on your skin & WHY? The beauty therapist or the salon owner should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the product ingredients and why they will benefit your skin type and condition.

The very best beauty salons offer a cosmetic ingredient evaluation service. You bring the skin care product you are currently using and have the product ingredients, listed on the back of the label, evaluated for skin compatibility and how effective the ingredients would be for your individual skin type and condition.

Finally, many people consider location or looking at a website a more important criteria than the above when choosing a beauty salon.

Effectiveness is the key. It is worth travelling that extra mile, for a professional, results based high quality service.

Award Winning Books on Self-Esteem Reinforce the Important Message That Children Are Loved

We’ve all had our share of childhood memories waiting in uninviting, cold and bland doctor’s offices. Many of us even equate such places with bad experiences we wished as children we could easily forget.

The passion and desire to help children feel better about themselves led Dr. Kari Swain, a chiropractor in Iowa, to give the award winning books “I am a Lovable Me” created by Sharon Penchina C.Ht. and Stuart Hoffman, DC. as gifts to patients and as positive reading material in the waiting room and children’s area. By identifying with the powerful message that all children need to understand how much they are loved, she attracted more patients. By using the theme of “I am a Lovable Me” in her children’s treatment area, Dr. Swain was able to successfully reinforce both the physical and emotional wellness as the heart of her practice.

Making a Difference in the Health Community

In many ways, Dr. Swain, represents an outreach community leader by combining messages of unconditional love. Not only does this make a difference in how young patients can view a healthcare professional on their first visit, they also just feel good about themselves. Much better than a sticker or candy! As it shows, this message of love is not only powerful but is also attracting more and more families to her practice.

The Universal Theme of Love in “I am a Lovable Me”

In today’s materialistic world, children need constant reinforcement that their inner beauty is much richer than material things. Children need to be taught the importance of this educational value early on in their lives so they will still believe HOW special they really even if they don’t have the latest video game or brand new bike. They can then view the world with loving eyes knowing they are at peace with themselves.

Cute, loving and inspiring, “I am a Lovable Me” is a popular series that reinforces the message that that “Lovable” an enlightening bug is not just a character of a book, but that love can take many forms and exist in many places. But first, this universal theme of love and acceptance begins with how children perceive themselves.

Chiropractors Can Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

From this beautiful story, it is possible for chiropractors all over to create their own “lovable” communities and make sure their younger patients feel good about themselves before and after their visits. Sometimes a good book using a universal theme of love is all it takes to give that young child a special feeling they are loved and cared for. Lovable, the Enlightening Bug, says “My light shines bright for the whole world to see, I give other love and it comes back to me!” Hopefully, every child will continue to keep his/her inner lights of love shining way after a visit to the local chiropractor. And by encouraging children to feel good about themselves, even at a doctor’s office, it is possible for them to feel good all throughout their lives.

Make Your Teaching Sparkle. Teach for Success. Make a difference in the classroom.

Diet Secrets of The Famous for Fitness and Health

Stars have to look great – they’re famous! When they are on television or in movies or waltzing down the red carpet during movie premieres and annual awards, they always look great and impress us with their celebrity “presence” They have the “it” factor! We forget that in fact it takes a lot of work to stay the way they look, and because of their fame, they are expected to keep up appearances and stay looking great to promote themselves and the movies they are in. Their attractive appearance is also key to getting those movie or TV offers! Great clothes, hair and makeup, yes, but also, they have to take real good care of their figures.

I think you will agree that there are secrets we can learn from these celebrities when it comes to being fit, healthy and attractive. Their fitness programmes cover all aspects of diet and exercise workouts. Who wouldn’t want to know their diet secrets in staying utterly sexy? Let’s take a look at these famous ladies.

1. The 40:30:30 diet
One particular famous lady is well known for having one of the sexiest figures in Hollywood, and appearing in many magazine shoots. To stay fit and healthy, she follows the “40:30:30” Dieting method. This particular diet is split this way:

40% low sugar carbohydrates
– for example: beans, fruits and vegetables, legumes

30% lean proteins
– i.e. tofu, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and low-fat dairy products

30% essential (non-saturated) fats
– derived from nuts, seeds, fish and olive oils

For this diet it is important that each meal is balanced and contains plenty of vitamins to maintain health and optimal weight balance.

2. One star of the screen put on 60lbs when she was pregnant. She needed to lose weight fast before shooting began on her next film. She changed her eating habits and went on a high protein diet. She also cut down on the size of her meals and included weight training, cardio workouts in her weight loss plan. At one time, the media were less than complimentary about her figure just after she had her baby, but, in 4 short months, she lost all those extra pounds and her abs became the envy of Hollywood!

3. Regular workouts and dietary lifestyle
The one underlying attribute of all the lady celebrities whose diet secrets appear here need to look good for the camera. One very well known figure is known for her continual fight to stop gaining weight. Yet, even at 50 years of age, she looks great and maintains her image by working out 5 times per week: 30 mins treadmill plus free weights and also with a diet containing fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, white meat (chicken) and low fat dairy products. She also does not eat after 7pm. You could do well to follow this lifestyle if weight is a continual problem.

4. Yoga
Many people cannot imagine that another beautiful award winning actress has to work hard at staying slim and healthy. It is a reminder to all of us, that fitness and being healthy is a way of life – it is about lifestyle. She follows a similar diet to that in (3) and also avoids sugar and white (processed) flower. She also does not eat dairy foods and carries out yoga exercise as part of her daily fitness regime.

5. More Yoga
Another often flaunts a body that many say is to die for, and has risen to be a model of fitness through several decades of stardom. This particular star of stage uses Ashtanga Yoga to keep that fantastic body trim and stays clear of junk foods. Her diet is macrobiotic in nature and full of organic foods high in lean protein.

6. Salads for this supermodel
This fabulous model lady enjoys salad and steamed vegetables for dinner and a lot of fresh fruit during the day. While on locations, her preference is for black grapes, drinking tomato juice and herbal tea.

7. Vegetarian Celeb
This celebrity model is a vegetarian and does not eat junk food, no matter how much she may want them. For a snack, she eats sweet potato and not chocolate bars. And those times she needs to lose weight fast, she goes on a liquid juice diet, temporarily.

Hollywood stars are the same as you and me. Perhaps more so, they need to maintain their perfect figures because they are so much in the camera and in the limelight. We may not be Hollywood models and celebrities, but we can still have bodies like theirs! By following a fitness plan and adopting it as part of your lifestyle, you will look younger, feel younger and stay healthy longer. You can look ready for the a red-carpet day each time you look in the mirror, if you follow a plan and stick with it. The secret, is to make diet and fitness exercise as part of your daily life.

Buy Online Shahnaz Husain Herbal Beauty Products

Shahnaz Husain came from humble beginnings with a desire to offer beauty and health to the women of her community, her country, and eventually the world. She began her journey to becoming one of the leaders in ayurvedic beauty care in the 1970’s in New Delhi. There she opened up her first herbal clinic in her home and made the first step towards creating an alternative to the existing salon treatment methods. It was in this small single room salon that she began to create her own innovative “care and cure” technique. This revolutionary method aimed not simply to cover up cosmetic conditions or even temporarily relieve them, but rather to treat their cause and draw the hidden beauty out of each individual through cultivating the health of that individual. Through the years she has thoroughly developed this technique and a wide range of products along with it, and her devotion and motivation has brought her wonderful technique and almost 350 products to nearly 400 private clinics all around the world.

Products are made with all natural ingredients blended in the light of Ayurveda’s millennia of experience. Utilizing the best which the world, history, and modern science has to offer, Shahnaz Husain herbal beauty products are a synergy of knowledge and potent healing herbs, oils, creams, and spices that could only come to be in our unique time and place in history and the world. India is a meeting ground of ancient wisdom and modern science and the abundant resources of the tropics with the powerful fruit of the great Himalayas. These products are born out of this special synergy and present the world with a powerful alternative to the caustic and invasive cosmetic products and techniques of today.

The Shahnaz Husain Group is committed to supporting the health of its customers and the world. By using only natural ingredients which have a great history of use in India they can effectively create products which are safe for people and the environment. There is no need for harmful chemicals with unknown side-effects, and consequently, no need for harmful products to be tested on helpless animals. The Shahnaz Husain Group does not perform any cruel animal testing, and all Shahnaz Husain beauty products are completely biodegradable. These products are designed to be effective but gentle in the activities. They aim not to provide an immediate cure, but to provide long lasting change to bring forth the real beauty hidden within. Shahnaz Husain facial and hair treatments are safe for all skin types and almost all people. They are a wonderful and profound alternative to most modern cosmetics.

The world has received the work of Shahnaz Husain with great joy. She has received many awards throughout her carrier for her products and her inspiring philosophy of beauty. However, she does not take this as a sign to sit back and bask in the fruit of her labor, on the contrary, she takes this encouragement and uses its momentum to push forward in her pursuit of yet better ayurvedic cosmetic treatments and products. Nor has she allowed her success to compromise her morals and business principles. The Shahnaz Husain Group continues to be a completely private company with no outside shareholders to demand greater profits at the expense of quality. The group’s commitment to quality has led them into the many diverse aspects of the field of ayurvedic beauty products. They have opened up their own training institutes, and grow many of their own herbs for their products, in addition to the hundreds of salons and beauty centers worldwide. It reflect the commitment, drive, and care of the Shahnaz Husain Group, and Shahnaz Husain herself.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

So you want to look like a star?

Who doesn’t? It would be really nice to wake up and have
someone else worry about your hair and makeup.

Celebrities have “people” whose very jobs are to help famous
faces look their best.

Award-winning actresses, runway models, even pop stars all
depend on their looks.

Do advertisers want to feature close-ups of crow’s feet?

Who wants to see cellulite on the big screen?

Teen idols should look young and fresh so their audience
will want to be like them. It’s their job to look great.

Without a beautifully packaged look, they’re out of work.
So work they do. They work at their beauty.

And so can you.

But, you don’t have beauty professionals at your beck
and call…

Oh, but you do.

Just not the same ones the celebrities do.

You’re worthy of a cast of beauty professionals, too.

You deserve it and it’s not a luxury impossible
to afford.

Consider your beauty “people” and, if you choose
carefully, you will have professionals looking out for
you, keeping you up to date on the best products,
colors and techniques available for you.

How do you choose the right people?

Use only professionals whose overall look is something
you like.

If you’re seeking a natural look, look for make-up and
hair stylists who successfully achieve that look.

If they can do it for themselves, they can teach you
the same techniques they’re using.

If you want to appear polished and sophisticated, use a
stylist whose own personal style impresses you.

Department store makeup counter salespeople

Use them. You don’t need to buy any of their products,
unless you want to. But what they can teach you at
no cost is something you should really take advantage of.

They’re trained in proper technique and are up on the
latest trends.

Independent beauty consultants

That neighbor leaving catalogs in your mailbox is a
good source of ideas. Invite her over and let her
give you a makeover. Again, you’re not obligated to
purchase anything unless you really want it.


Hairstyles change with the times, so should your
stylist. If she’s not attending stylists’ conventions
or changing her own hairstyle, she’s not as professional
as you deserve.

So, now you have your people.

What do stars do when they’re at home being people,
not stars?

Beauty Sleep

It’s not a myth. Get yours.

No caffeine…

…or limited caffeine if you must. It causes premature
aging, and who needs that?

Shimmer creams and bronzers…

…help stars shine.

Eat Fish…

…like sardines and salmon. They’re full of essential
oils that actually nourish your skin.

No smoking

Not only is it bad for your health, it causes lines
and dullness in your skin.

Your skin care regime

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Your products can
come from the local drug store. Everyone benefits
from a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer.

Always, always, always remove makeup at the end of
the day. Two more minutes of sleep is not worth a
blemished face in the morning.
Quick fixes from famous faces.

*Coffee grounds can be recycled and used as a
cellulite scrub.

*Castor oil, used by a certain British
raven- haired actress/spokesperson/ beauty,
creates star quality shine for hair.

*Cinnamon oil (check your health food or
vitamin store) rubbed on the lips creates pouty,
kissable lips.

*Soak your nails in olive oil, as does a Hollywood
Pretty Woman.

*A combination of milk and water mixed in equal
parts, spritzed on the face throughout the day
is all the rage with many silver screen beauties.

*Legally Blonde hair is baby soft and shiny thanks
to baby shampoo.

Glow like a star. You deserve to look your best.
Treat yourself to a day of beauty – at home or at
the salon. Live the life of a star, without being
chased by paparazzi.

Planning Prize-Worthy Service Awards With Custom Jewelry

As anyone who’s attended the Odor Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest can confirm, not every accomplishment is worthy of an award. But when the sweet smell of success touches one of your employees, service awards can be the perfect way to mark the moment, especially if they’re in the form of memorable items like custom jewelry.

Like any company initiative, however, proper planning is critical to getting the most out of service awards. You may not need to answer the 5 W’s (and one H) right away, but if you start with why and who (or is it “whom?), you’ll be well on your way to achieving success with your service awards.

A Word to the Whys

The behavior or accomplishments that you choose to acknowledge with service awards will depend a lot on the organization. It could range from closing a multimillion dollar deal for a Fortune 500 company to selling the most cookies at a charity bake sale. Wherever you land on the spectrum, there are compelling reasons for including service awards in your annual budget:

1. Recognition: Rewarding good work with service awards is a powerful means of making employees feel valued and appreciated. Especially in large corporations, it’s easy for people to feel like numbers, so recognition in any form is the key to counteracting that. And if that praise comes in the form of gorgeous custom jewelry such as cufflinks or bracelets, the effect is tenfold.

As an added bonus, investing in service awards can also pay dividends with your customers, enhancing your corporate image and profile and casting you as the company that cares about its workers. By boosting an employee’s job satisfaction and your bottom line at the same time, it becomes a feel good story that everyone can embrace; even your accountants.

2. Motivation: We’ve come a long way from the days when incentive plans consisted of a sign above the water cooler that read “get to work or you’re fired!” Companies today understand that the carrot, in the form of bonuses or raises, is far more effective than the stick.

The beauty of service awards is that they provide that motivation at a fraction of the cost of increasing salaries. Even custom jewelry service awards like elegant watches are a relative bargain, and they offer a huge payoff in higher productivity, not just for the recipient but also their co-workers. Instead of watching the clock, they’ll start watching the watch and brainstorming the best way to earn one for themselves.

3. Recreation: It’s well documented that all work and no play makes Jack a prime candidate for early burnout. That’s why events like service awards ceremonies are so important. By getting everyone together in an informal, celebratory setting, you can provide a much needed mental health break and help employees relax and recharge. Whatever you do though, don’t think you can have your cake and eat it too by holding the ceremony outside of work hours. You’re liable to get a pie in the face for your trouble.

A Regular Who’s Who

From sales to attendance to years of employment, there are as many possibilities for earning service awards as there are employees to earn them. You may want to base it on results, effort or a combination of the two, and include recognition for years of service at the 5, 10 and 25 year mark. The exact approach is up to you, but the key is consistency. If you reward a certain achievement for one person, make sure you do it for others that reach the same result. Failure to do so can easily backfire and send your awards program up in flames.

Regardless of your organization’s size or structure, service awards are an effective, budget-friendly way to recognize, motivate and reward your employees on a regular basis. Sure, they’re not the Rotten Sneaker Awards, but they’re the next best thing.

Award Wining Anti Wrinkle Creams – Are They the Best For Your Skin?

Looking for award winning anti wrinkle creams so you can prolong the effects of aging on your skin? Well, before you “jump the gun” and make a poor purchase decision, read this article and get some tips to help make sure you are making a smart choice.

Award winning anti wrinkle creams are more widely advertised on television and published media. As a marketing strategy, manufacturers of skincare products almost always find the most famous celebrities that their budget will allow. It has been proven through several marketing analysis studies that more skin care products are sold in the market when they are endorsed by popular and known media personalities, more specifically Hollywood actors and actresses.

But just because the product is endorsed by a blemished-free and smooth-skinned actor, it does not necessarily mean that it will work on your skin. For one, these celebrity endorsers spend thousands of dollars to care for their skin. And it does not always mean that their skin are cared for by the products that you see them advertise. Another reason why you should not base your choice of skin care products through what you see on television is that you should keep in mind that although these celebrities are normal people, they will not be famous if they did not already have the smooth and beautiful skin that you long to have yourself.

Award winning anti wrinkle creams are packaged to look and feel like they really do work to sell more. Although some skin care products, such as anti wrinkle creams, may actually work, their effectiveness as a solution to your anti-aging symptoms cannot be logically guaranteed by some pretty or handsome face claiming to bear the miraculous solution to your problems.

To find the right anti wrinkle cream that will work best on your type of skin, you need to do a bit more research. Read the labels on skin care products. Find out what chemicals will be dangerous to your skin and health. Online studies can also help you know what ingredients are safe and effective in removing wrinkles and other skin blemishes.